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cpufreqd-2.2.1 released   2006-11-22 10:38
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cpufreqd-2.2.0 released   2006-09-23 09:00
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Site moved
The cpufreqd website is now here

An updated cpufreqd is available: cpufreqd-2.2.1.
It's a bugfix release, cpufreqd-get should work a little better now.

Here we go again! cpufreqd-2.2.0 is out!
The most important improvement is complete SMP/SMT awareness: you can poll cpu usage indipendently (or mixed/average/whatever) and set different profiles for each available cpu. Support is still somewhat experimental as I don't own and SMP/SMT system but some gentle user comfirmed it's working on a 4 way AMD.
One more plugin has been added: TAU for G3 cpu tempereature monitoring.

Downloads are here.

A small (but necessary) update, Cpufreqd 2.1.1 fixes a crash for an incorrect use of stdargs and a problem with acpi_ac after resume (see here).
As usual, try it and report bugs, thanks.

Great news! Cpufreqd 2.1.0 is out!
Now the cpu plugin can monitor all cpus independently, you can set governor parameters, ACPI events are supported (you need acpid), you can execute commands on Rule/Profile selection and ACPI battery can estimate battery life without polling continously.
Note also that I merged the ACPI plugins into one to let them better cohoperate.
As usual, try it and report bugs, thanks.

Here's cpufreqd-2.0.0 final release! The only notable change to cpufreqd has been to make it behave better when more rules have the same score and one of them is already applied.
The same note as below for the NVclock plugin users apply.

One more pre release. If everything goes well this will be the 2.0 release. After that I'll work on producing more plugins as many have requested.
Also, some ideas on improving the poll algorithm (well, currenlty it is simply constant) have popped out, will work on that too.

Note for the NVclock plugin users:
first of all cpufreqd will build against nvclock 0.8b only (the latest version), you also need to configure nvclock with
--disable-gtk --disable-qt --disable-nvcontrol
for use with cpufreqd (since nvclock links statically this is a cpufreqd only operation, no need to install nvclock configured that way). Second (and last), you need to apply this small patch to avoid a leak discovered during cpufreqd testing.

CPUFreqD Logo:
Does anybody wants to provide a logo for cpufreqd and those pages?

I just realized that the sample config file I uploaded with the tarballs really sucks!
Please download a (hopefully) much better version from here while waiting for rc2 (I just committed this file in CVS). Note that this configuration assumes you can set the ondemand governor on your CPU.

The release I planned for the beginning of September has been delayed due to a bunch of nasty bugs that I had to solve.
But these 20 days have been really productive, what's new in cpufreqd-2.0.0-pre1
  • PMU plugin implemented (with some basic testing done)
  • NVCLOCK plugin implemented and tested
  • SENSORS plugin implemented and tested
  • regained backward compatibility with cpufreqd.conf format, cpufreqd will still warn on errors
  • you can now only build wanted plugins (run `configure --help`)
  • ... and a lot of fixes.
I also owe my excuses to all those downloaded 2.0.0-beta4: the configuration directive for the cpu plugin errnously shipped as "cpu" while the correct form is "cpu_interval". You'll need to run:
sed -i -e 's/^cpu=/cpu_interval=/' \
to cure it. Try it out:

RELEASED 2.0.0-beta4!
Download it from sf.net download page or, if you have a Debian system you can try out the debs available at http://people.debian.org/~malattia (build from source if you don't run sid).
As usual read the included docs before running cpufreqd-2, you'll need to change a little your configuration also.
Please, pretty please, report any issue, suggestion et al. I'd like to release a stable version as soon as possible.

Very good! cpufreqd-2.0.0 it reaching its final shape. Plugins are all over, you can have [Profile]'s plugins and [Rule]'s plugins and they can have their own global configuration.
Also available some basic "remote control" with which you can switch between manual and dynamic mode (IOW cpufreqd decides the best profile based on your rules or you set a static profile).
I'll hopefully release the thing in a couple of days.
Currently available plugins:
  • acpi_ac [Done]
  • acpi_battery [Done]
  • acpi_temperature [Done]
  • programs [Done]
  • cpu [Done]
  • nforce2 [Done]
  • apm [Not tested, lacking HW]
  • nvclock [Under development]
  • acpi_event [Under development]
  • sensors [Under development]
  • exec [Under development]
  • pmu [Planned, no HW, will try to simple port the old plugin]
Again, soon to follow a detailed description of all of them and a little more insight on how plugins are intended.

What's going on behind the scenes: I'm working on an improved plug-in structure that should give much more flexibility, you could easily add a plug-in to handle dates for example (I'm already developing such a plug in actually, but you could think of anything else... switch CPU frequency based on the weather forecast?).
I'm also trying out the newly born libcpufreq (developed by Dominik Brodowski in the cpufrequtils package).

I finally created a couple of pages... but really a couple :P
Stay tuned for more (hopefully).